71487_10151968180023543_513765834_nLiverpool and its atmosphere is traditional in the old fashioned sense which we attach to community, a good sense of humour and CHRISTMAS. Visit the city this festive season and you’ll sense that Liverpool holds that unique connection with the past, which defies to part way with the things which really and always matter. The innovative though is also newly welcomed here, in a city where what seems to be the creativity of the future, coexists with the values we all hold so dear. This wonderful make-up you’ll see, is only possible through the people, whose real love for their city ensures that they’d have it no other way.

DSCF2354    DSCF2436

It is this time of year however, which bring the cities attributes furthest from their shell; the cultural capital, whose people’s light hearted laugh can be heard from a cosy tea shop, as the frosted door jingles open closed on Bold street – the cultural quarters hot spot. Fancy a drink? Be sure to find an evening suited to your taste. Enjoy a Christmas cocktail in candlelit Santa Chupitos, the tiny bar with intimate touch. Dance to electronica till’ dawn in a pop up warehouse venue, or feel festive with friends in the Philharmonic pub, lavishly Victorian.

DSCF2359     DSCF2481 (2)

Go to a museum, the old and shiny buildings on the cobbled, iconic docks host home to tons of them! Hit the shops, be served with a smile. Go for a meal, choose from a range of independents that you’ll want to re-visit. Wrap up and walk the Georgian quarter, originally beautiful, or pop to the Cavern – we nearly got there without mentioning the Beatles!

DSCF2316    DSCF2435

None of the character inherent in all of these places though, bear any significance without the charm of Liverpool’s people, who herald the cities warming personality.

DSCF2303  DSCF2502 (2)

As the overwhelming theme here seems to be “the personal”: go to a vintage fair at Leaf on Bold street, ask a lady where the cute balloon came from in the corner? You won’t be allowed home without it… Honestly.

leaf on boldy   image1 (2)

It’s this type of heart which will win you individually to the city. It’s spirit is one inherent here all year round, but which seems overwhelmingly just like the spirit of Christmas. ā˜ƒ



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