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Some Clubs & Bars 

Nightlife in Berlin is like the atmosphere of the city itself: invigorating yet incredibly lax.  Locals prefer to boogie in their trainers than smarts, from late at night to whenever they feel like it the next day.

If you’re after crazy dark techno, no rules and extravagance, head straight to the infamous Berghain/ Panorama Bar (pictured right). The gratified and slightly daunting forefront of this huge old industrial factory reflects the liberal aura within its walls. Once over the threshold, it is easy to feel carried away by the club’s free attitude; surrounded by a crowd of care free characters, with strictly no photographs allowed and no (supposedly deliberately) mirrors to be seen, you can simply let go and enjoy the mad music.



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Whilst Berghain offers an “exclusive” scene to those who enter, some feel that the strict and scrutinizing door policy whereby you are sized up and given a “yes” or “no” verdict is a tad pretentious and pretty demeaning. Skip this hassle by searching out Paloma Bar, hidden above Kaiser’s supermarket in central Kreuzberg, West Berlin. It may seem more “exclusive” to receive a warm welcome through a disguised door after taking the gritty stairs, tucked just that little bit away from the view of the street and the tourist trail.

For a fun middle ground between the hedonistic Berghain and chilled Paloma, Chalet also in stylish Kreuzberg renders the perfect vibe. The fairy lit garden complete with a pond and log fire lays the foundations for the party inside. With quirky flare, the plush seating and odd grand piano add to the feel that you’ve just arrived at a thriving house party.

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